2760 Steel


Down jacket with faux fur on detachable hood. The jacket has black ribbon with orange stitches and slit with zip at the back. The down jacket is sewn in 4 layers, where the downs lie in down bags. Excess down must be expected. Remedied by wash and tumble dry.
Fit: Comfort fit.

Wash: Gentle wash at 30 C. Afterwards tumble dry by gentle heat with 2-3 dry balls. NB! Remove fur before wash

Shell: 100% nylon
Lining: 100% polyester
Filling: 90% down, 10% feather.
Faux fur: 100% polyester
Find down- and feather certificate at www.junge.eu


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An RDS certification means that:

  • Down and feathers originate exclusively from birds raised for the food industry.
  • The product does not contain down and feathers from birds, that are plucked alive.
  • The product does not contain down and feathers from birds that have been forced to feed.
  • The down production is controlled from farm to finished product.
  • The suppliers are controlled by an independent third party.

For more information: RDS Certification

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