1661 Barolo


Down jacket with racoon fur and detachable hood. The downcoat has two-way zipper, chest pocket with zipper at the front and zipper pockets on the side. The down jacket is sewn in 4 layers. The downs which are sewn into sealed bags, but a surplus of down may occur. Remedied by wash and tumble dry.

Fitting: Comfort Fit. (slightly more spacious fit)

Shell: 100% Nylon
Lining: 100% Nylon
Filling: 90% Down, 10% Feather.
Fur: 100% Racoon
Find down- and feather certificate at www.junge.eu


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An RDS certification means that:

  • Down and feathers originate exclusively from birds raised for the food industry.
  • The product does not contain down and feathers from birds, that are plucked alive.
  • The product does not contain down and feathers from birds that have been forced to feed.
  • The down production is controlled from farm to finished product.
  • The suppliers are controlled by an independent third party.

For more information: RDS Certification

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