Meet Mette Gulader

Have you bought and worn a jacket from Junge within the last 8 years?

Then you've most likely worn a jacket that Mette has made her mark on.

Mette is a designer at Junge and has been with the company since the beginning of 2013.

Mette is a designer with an education from Kolding and has worked with clothing design for more than 20 years.
During her 20 years as a designer, she has worked with of everything from children's and men's clothing to functional clothing for racing.
However, her primary has always been women’s clothing.

“We spend a lot of time making the fit of our jackets
as good as possible. Before as now, our customers want
outerwear that isn't just for decoration. Today, like before, our customers want
outerwear that isn’t just for decoration. I like that we
are creating a design that combines good quality and
good fit. A Junge design is made for movement and
to fit many body types. We always deliver top quality,
and we keep up with the times, adding our own twist
to current trends."

Mette is proud of all the jackets she has helped to make.
However, there are exactly 2 that she is extra happy about.

Eden is a functional jacket with a detachable light down jacket inside. The outer jacket acts as a shelljacket, which is waterproof with taped seams. A shell jacket is a must-have all year round, and is one of the most important components in your outerwear wardrobe.

Eda is a nice warm jacket with down inside. In addition, it fits in really well with the times. It is quilted with large diamonds and has a large nice hood. It is straight in the fit and super good for autumn and winter.