In 2019 Christian Junge is once again responsible for shaping the image of Junge A/S, which was founded by his father Bent Junge in 1946. Christian Junge has been part of the business since 1986, and for over 30 years he has worked passionately with design, production and buying – currently in close cooperation with head designer Mette Guldager.

Wool from Italy, fabric from Korea, zips from Japan. Exclusive materials are carefully chosen for every single collection, twice a year. Global inspiration drawn from trips to the East, within the Nordic countries and all the fashion capitals of Europe enables popular classics to be designed and tailored for a new, modern look that matches the simple Nordic lifestyle while staying true to the roots of the company.

Christian Junge is carrying on his father’s proud tradition. The ability to spot a new trend has been passed down in the company’s DNA for decades. The creative design focusing on the details, together with styles that emphasise the best features of every single woman, are distinct characteristics of a Junge jacket or coat.

Bent Junge founded the clothing factory and at the time he was considered a trailblazer, innovator and not least a pioneer. In 1967, he was one of the first in Denmark to travel to China – in a propeller aeroplane, with a stopover in Tashkent, in Central Asia! And with a nose for buying, not to mention a keen sense of the development to come in the clothing industry, he paved the way for robust partnerships that are still in place today. Possessing a flair for design and ladies’ fashion, Christian Junge followed in his father’s footsteps. And in 1986 he embarked on a grand tour of couture, first working as a sales assistant at the ladies’ coat store Andersens Damefrakker on Guldsmedegade in Aarhus, then as an intern at a dressmaker’s and as a designer, before moving to Hong Kong in 1987. Junge A/S currently has three key members of staff based in the Far East, eight employees in Denmark and agents in nine countries.

The brand has evolved to target quality-conscious women seeking an exclusive & comfortable design with a focus on the detail.